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Seton Hall students can now join UNA-USA for free!

UNA-USA is proud of its partnership with Seton Hall and to honor that partnership Seton Hall students may now join UNA-USA free!  Since 1997, Seton Hall’s partnership with UNA has led to innovative curriculum and first-hand knowledge of multilateral diplomacy.  Seton Hall students who choose to take advantage of UNA membership will be able to build on this experience through behind-the-scenes look at the United Nations through monthly conference calls with UN officials, topical reporting through UNA’s online magazine TheInterdependent, and  the opportunity to participate in official UN events and conferences.

Seton Hall Students Join Here

Seton Hall Students are also encouraged to participate in UNA-USA’s Campus Advocates program.  Campus Advocates work on their college campuses to encourage support of the United Nations through events and grassroots advocacy.  For more information, please