Past Leo Nevas Human Rights Fellow
deborahDeborah Brown is the first Leo Nevas Human Rights Fellow of the UNA-USA, a program of the United Nations Foundation. Brown came to UNA-USA with a strong interest in human rights and governance issues in the Middle East, having lived and traveled through much of the region. Previously, she worked as a program reporting officer for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Lebanon, where she served as an observer in NDI's international observation mission to Lebanon, and as the lead writer for the Institute's final election assessment report.  She then served as an election observer in the 2010 South Sudanese elections and spent the summer in Damascus studying Arabic.

Brown worked previously for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems supporting electoral and civil society programs in the Caucasus and Central Asia. She has also held internships at: the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor; the International Organization for Migration; the U.S. House of Representatives; and Amnesty International. She holds a master's degree in Democracy and Governance and Arab Studies from Georgetown University, and a bachelor's degree from Barnard College in Political Science and Human Rights. She is a recipient of the Arthur Liman Public Interest Law Fellowship from Yale Law School.

Writing by the Fellow

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A Multi-Pronged Approach in the Battle Against Religious Intolerance, World Bulletin, November 22, 2011

Third Committee of the General Assembly Weighs Variety of Pressing Human Rights Issues, World Bulletin, October 21, 2011

Kicking the Human Rights Council While It's Up, The InterDependent, October 13, 2011
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