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March 28, 2013



UNA-USA Celebrates Women and Honors the UN’s Work with Events Nationwide
UNA-USA members around the country helped celebrate women and their economic, political, and social achievements this month in honor of International Women’s Day. UNA-USA Chapters, UNA Women, and the Council of Organizations hosted nearly 50 events in 42 states, including three Commission on the Status of Women side events.

A special series in The InterDependent  for International Women’s Day shows how women’s issues are a top priority for the United Nations year-round.

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Patrick Madden

From the Executive Director

by Patrick Madden

The opposition will continue to talk about the UN's process and stereotype the administrative elements, but the UN is first and foremost about the people that it helps: the hungry child that gets fed; the child who is saved from death by a malaria bed net; the mother who can have a healthy baby with the UN helping provide proper care; and the person who receives a place to live when war claims a home. Read More >


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