Chapter Leader Update

Celebrate Human Rights Day by Planning an Event in Your Community

Chapters will host celebrations on December 10, Human Rights Day, highlighting how the UN helps uphold human rights around the world, and engaging participants in supporting the advancement of human rights. Haven’t planned an event yet? We have some ideas for you! Read more.

Help Combat the "UN is Taking Over the Internet" Myth

The International Telecommunications Union will convene the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai December 3-14. The landmark conference will review the current International Telecommunication Regulations. As the time of the conference approaches, you may see stories in your local news incorrectly labeling the conference as a meeting that will enable future UN control of the Internet. Don’t let these myths go unchallenged! Write a letter to the editor using our template and get the facts on the ITU here.

Important Renewal Information from the Membership Team

Renewal notices are now being distributed to individuals whose membership will expire on December 31, 2012. Chapter leaders will receive lists of all constituents within their Chapters set to expire. In addition to the list, you will receive sample letters, emails, and phone scripts that you can use to encourage these members to renew their memberships. As a reminder, UNA-USA will adhere to the following renewal schedule.

  • Three months out: Benefit Reminder Post-Card
  • Two months out: Benefit Reminder Post-Card
  • One month out: Direct Mail Invoice; Chapters receive lists of all members set to expire at the end of the month
  • Two weeks out: Email Renewal Notice
  • 30 days after expiration: Email Renewal Notice
  • 60 days after expiration: Final Direct Mail Invoice

Please email the Membership Team at membership@unausa.org with any questions.  

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