UNA-USA Announces New Issue Of “A Global Agenda

Experts in international policy tackle current challenges faced by the UN

September 1, 2011
WASHINGTON – The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is proud to announce the publication of A Global Agenda: Issues Before the United Nations 2011-2012. This year’s issue is packed with even more content while maintaining its reputation as a comprehensive and easy to understand book about issues facing the UN. Over 37 essays by veteran diplomats, current and former UN officials, technical experts, academicians, and journalists are included in the publication.

A Global Agenda is a must-read for diplomats, politicians, academics, professionals, and students engaged in all aspects of international affairs,” said Patrick Madden, executive director, UNA-USA. “This annual publication demonstrates how the UN plays a role in every major global decision and serves as a relevant force in international relations on a day to day basis.”


The new issue comes with a brand new feature-- four thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter to help professors and academics stimulate classroom discussions. Among the challenges covered in this year’s book are the mass uprisings in the Middle East, a look at Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program, preventing funding for terrorists in Somalia, and how international efforts to carry out free and fair presidential elections in crisis-torn countries can end up adversely affecting voters.

 “This book, by a first-rate collection of international experts, gives you a front row seat to the major global crises of the day. It explains them clearly, without the fancy jargon. The book includes many vivid pictures, is fully indexed and rounded out with a glossary of diplomatic terms, a time-line of  key dates in UN history, a table of UN acronyms, and charts dissecting the UN structure, its budget and peacekeeping activities ,” said Editor Irwin Arieff, who served for 23 years as a correspondent for the Reuters news agency

Some contributing authors for this year’s A Global Agenda include: Louise Arbour, president of the International Crisis Group; Joe Cirincione, president of Ploughshare’s Fund; Rima Khalaf, head of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia; and Allan Rock, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN. The book’s Executive Editor is Dulcie Leimbach.


A Global Agenda (ISBN: 978-0-9845691-3-7) is UNA-USA’s hallmark annual publication, focusing on the major topics before the UN. It is available online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s. The publication is jointly published with the World Federation of United Nations Associations and Korea University.



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