Statement of the Leo Nevas Human Rights Task Force on the Human Rights Situation in Libya

March 2, 2011
WASHINGTON – The Leo Nevas Human Rights Task Force of the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) commends the recent actions taken by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the UN Security Council, and the UN General Assembly to condemn and punish violations of human rights against the Libyan people by the Libyan government.

The recent adoption by the Human Rights Council of a resolution that affirms the responsibility of the Libyan government to protect its population from violations of human rights should be applauded by all who are committed to the protection of human rights through instruments of the United Nations. In particular, we support the Council’s actions in establishing an independent commission of inquiry to investigate these violations of human rights and the Council’s recommendation that Libya’s membership on the Council be suspended. We fully endorse the United Nations General Assembly’s swift decision on to suspend Libya’s membership on the Human Rights Council.


This action by the Security Council on February 27 further serves to sanction the Libyan regime in the face of international resolve to address gross violations of human rights in Libya. In addition to imposing sanctions and an arms embargo against the regime, the Security Council has referred members of the Libyan government to the International Criminal Court for possible prosecution. This action, in particular, should serve as a strong message to those individuals who would consider violating their populations’ human rights: The era of impunity is over.


Through their swift actions in response to the situation in Libya, the Human Rights Council, the Security Council, and the UN General Assembly have taken important steps to uphold and advance the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These actions are in keeping with the mandate of the Charter of the United Nations to promote and protect human rights everywhere.




About UNA-USA Leo Nevas Task Human Rights Task Force
The UNA-USA Leo Nevas Program on Human Rights was established in 2007 based on the shared belief that human rights should be an essential component of U.S. foreign policy and that UNA should reflect this belief in the policies it advocates for the United States at the United Nations. In order to provide leadership and expertise to the program, the task force is composed of leading authorities in the field of human rights.

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