UNA-USA Remembers Thesil Morlan

December 20, 2011

Thesil Morlan, long-time head of the Maine Chapter of UNA-USA, passed away on Friday, Dec. 9. She was a dedicated member of UNA-USA for 22 years, and served two terms as Moderator of the UNA Maine Executive Committee.

Throughout her tenure, Thesil ensured that the Chapter was consistently engaged with the community through such actions as: expanded Chapter leadership and support of Maine Model UN activities, which annually engages 500 high school and college students; and publishing Letters to the Editor and OpEds in local outlets, as well as a Chapter newsletter.

Thesil was able to bring the interests and influence of the Maine Chapter to bear on the activities and understanding of other organizations, among them: the Maine Alliance for the International Criminal Court; Amnesty International; Citizens for Global Solutions; the NAACP; and local universities.

In addition to her work with the Maine Chapter, Thesil strived to engage her community on the issues of peace and human security, international law and justice, and global citizenship.

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