Chapters, Members Honored at the 2012 Annual Meeting

June 10, 2012

2012 Arnold Goodman Lifetime Achievement Award

Hope Simon Miller

UNA_01Hope Miller is honored with the Arnold Goodman Lifetime Achievement Award. She is joined by her two sons. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Hope is a 40-year, active member of UNA-USA, a Past President of the New York City Chapter, currently serving on its Advisory Council, and a board member of the Southern New York State Division for over two decades. She was a member of what formerly comprised the UNA-USA National Council. Hope's commitment and participation, wise comments, keen intellect and dedication to the goals of the United Nations inspire all of us. Hope embodies the spirit and purpose of the United Nations and of the Arnold Goodman Award.

2012 Earl W. Eames, Jr. Communications Award

Houston Chapter

_52A0065Members of the Houston Chapter accept the Earl W. Eames, Jr. Communications Award. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

The Earl W. Eames, Jr. Communications Award is presented by the UNA-USA Council of Chapters and Divisions Steering committee (CCR-SC) to a UNA-USA Chapter or Regions that has demonstrated innovation in communications. The Award is a tribute to the late Earl W. Eames, Jr., former chair of the CCR-SC and President of UNA of Minnesota.

This year the 2012 Earl W. Eames, Jr. Communications Award was presented the Houston Chapter for demonstrating excellence in both social and traditional media.

2011 Membership Growth Award

Sarasota/Manatee Chapter (Large Chapter)
Brooklyn Chapter (Medium Chapter)
Greater Oklahoma City Chapter (Small Chapter)

_52A0130Members of the Sarasota/Manatee Chapter are recognized for their membership growth in 2011. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

_52A0124Jessica Bangs accepts the Membership Growth Award on behalf of the Brooklyn Chapter. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

_52A0119Bill Bryant accepts the Membership Growth Award on behalf of the Greater Oklahoma City Chapter. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Each year, UNA-USA presents awards to the Chapters that show the most membership growth. The Greater Oklahoma City Chapter had the most growth, 6.52%, for small Chapters. The Brooklyn Chapter had the most growth, for medium-sized Chapters with 66.67% growth and the Sarasota/Manatee Chapter had the most growth for large Chapters.

2012 Well-Worn Advocate Award

Greater Oklahoma City Chapter
Blue Ridge Chapter
East Bay Chapter

_52A0153Bill Bryant accepts the Well-Worn Advocate Award on behalf of the Greater Oklahoma City Chapter. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

_52A0146Karen Mulhauser accepts the Well-Worn Advocate Award on behalf of the Blue Ridge Chapter, who were unable to attend. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

_52A0150Rita Maran and Gerald Weber accept the Well-Worn Advocate Award on behalf of the East Bay Chapter. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

UNA-USA is proud to introduce the Well-Worn Advocate Award. The Well-Worn Advocate Award is presented to Chapters that demonstrate excellence in advocating for support of the United Nations on both the State and National Level. The three inaugural recipients of this award include:

Greater Oklahoma City Chapter - Awarded for the Chapter's efforts to stop anti-Agenda 21 and anti-UN legislation in the Oklahoma State Legislature. The Chapter leveraged its relationship with Governor Fallin to stop legislation from passing.

Blue Ridge Chapter – Awarded for arranging a meeting with Representative Hurt following his election to Congress in 2011. The Chapter discussed the importance of U.S. involvement at the United Nations. Following the meeting, the Chapter held a press conference that was covered by the local news channels.

East Bay Chapter – The key to successful advocacy is creating long-term relationships with members of Congress and their staff. The East Bay Chapter demonstrates excellence in creating long-term relationships. The Chapter has held several meetings with both Senators Feinstein and Boxer and their offices.

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