African Suffragettes, Me Too: Now What?

CSW62 at the United Nations

March 30, 2018
By Weruche Uzoka George, United Nations Association of South Western Connecticut

Hamden, Connecticut CSW62 side event African Suffragettes: A Journey of Africa’s Hidden Figures through the Decades was organized by the Justina Mutale Foundation and hosted at the African Union Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations on March 15, 2018. The need to empower and retell the stories of African women was reiterated in the Global Forum on Women’s Leadership and Change. A few of the notable speakers were the Vice President of the Gambia, Hon. Fatoumata Tambajang and Macdella Cooper, the only female to run for President last year in Liberia.


Macdella Cooper and I at the African Suffragettes side event


With Hon. Fatoumata Tambajang- Vice President of the Gambia


Panel of Speakers

“The historical launch of the African Suffragettes, bringing to the fore the hidden figures in the African Women’s Suffrage Movement, who fought for the rights of women and the rights of their people and actively participated in the liberation struggles for the independence and development of Africa,” is how this has been described. The need for a change in the narrative for African women – from a culture depicting them as lacking agency to one acknowledging their strengths and contributions to the African society – comes at a time when gender equality is necessary for peace and women’s empowerment. The African woman’s space should be reserved and exalted in the history books.

WUG2-5 WUG2-6

I did a quick interview at the UN Women Stand

The entire CSW62 experience has sparked an even greater desire within me to work towards gender equality, empower women and girls, and help achieve gender parity – especially in the global south. Due to the cultural and economic challenges women face in predominantly patriarchal societies, they are often victims of abuse facing severe economic hardship. CSW62 was a time to reflect on women in a global scope and learn from diverse groups how to support and accomplish the 5th sustainable development goal – gender equality – come 2030.

In conclusion, one synonymous sentiment shared by many of the delegates who spoke at these side events was to stop waiting – get actively involved in the fight to empower rural women and girls and make sure to bring others along. If not us, who?

WUG2-7 WUG2-8

Attended the "Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against All Women and Girls," a side event organized by the European Union and UN Women.



Sitting beside Dr. Bilkisu Magoro — also from Nigeria— at the Digital Gender Violence and Hate Speech side event organized by the Icelandic Parliament March 12, 2018. 


At the African Women's Decade: Stepping up Action for and with rural women to 2020 organized by UN Women and the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa, March 15, 2018.

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