Announcing our 2018-2020 UNA-USA National Council

A letter from Rachel Bowen Pittman, Senior Director, Membership & Programs

August 23, 2018
Dear UNA-USA members,

On behalf of the UNA-USA National Council Nominating Committee, I would like to thank all South East region UNA members who participated in the special election for their remaining two 2018-2020 UNA-USA National Council regional representatives.

We submit to the membership of the UNA-USA, the fully-seated 2018-2020 UNA-USA National Council:

Mid-Atlantic Region Representatives
Marielle Ali
Marcia Brewster
Donna Rosa
Desiree Watson

Mid-East Region Representatives
Diane Adams
Paula Boland
Samantha Brew
Ellen Firestone
Teena Halbig

New England Region Representatives
Miguel Arroyo
Himaja Nagireddy

South East Region Representatives
Dr. Eileen Davis-Jerome
Dr. Galen Spencer Hull
Tiffany Irene
Rebecca Kinney
Great Lakes Region Representatives
London J. Bell, J.D., LL.M.
Terence L Blackburn
Farah Salim Eck

North Central Region Representatives
Stu Ackman
Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi
Karenbeth Zacharias

South Central Region Representatives
Hon. Teta V. Banks
Ralph "RJ" Johnson
Kai Stansberry

Mid-Pacific Region Representatives
Herb Behrstock
Rashida Haveliwala
Gabriel Risk Martins

Rocky Mountain Region Representatives
Matthew Jernstedt 
Evans Mensah

Southern California Region Representatives
Judith Harris
Bettina Hausmann
Isabel Treidl

Northwest Region Representatives
Cae Odell
Yashar Vasef

On behalf of the National Council, the Nominating Committee wishes to thank the currently serving representatives for their dedicated service, and extend congratulations to the newly elected representatives of the National Council.

Thank you once again to all participants. We look forward to the great leadership of the 2018-2020 National Council!


Rachel Bowen Pittman
Senior Director, Membership and Programs, UNA-USA

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