UN Day

UN Day 2014: Global Citizenship and Youth

Every year, UNA-USA Chapters hold events across the country on October 24th to commemorate the 1945 signing of the United Nations Charter. UN Day provides a unique opportunity for UNA-USA members and chapters to educate their communities on the work of the UN and the way it positively impacts the lives of millions around the globe. This year’s theme for UN Day is Global Citizenship and Youth, and UNA-USA wants to leverage its strong and active grassroots network to promote participation by adults, young professionals and youth at the UN and in the world!

Uniting for a Sustainable Future: Grants for Post-2015 Events and Activities

UNA-USA has announced its second round of grant funding for UNA-USA Chapters to hold events and activities focused on the Post-2015 process and the setting of the new Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, over 40 Chapters held consultations, culminating with the submission of a written report on the American perspective for the next development framework to the United Nations Development Programme.

Building off the success and innovation of last year’s activities, UNA-USA is pleased to offer 40 individual grants to Chapters and Divisions to hold consultations, events and activities that engage members, citizens, organizations and youth on the setting of the Sustainable Development Goals. To be considered for a grant, Chapters and Divisions must complete this online application by August 22, 2014. Click here for more details on grant goals and requirements. Click here to review the 2013 Consultation Toolkit.

Securing a Speaker and Materials for UN Day

UNA-USA works with Chapters to help them find expert speakers to address global topics and issues that face the UN. In addition to this, UNA-USA provides relevant information and materials for UN Day activities. If your Chapter is looking for a speaker and would like to order materials for UN Day, fill out this online form.

UN Day 2013: Partnerships for Global Progress

View photos from the 2013 UN Day Events.

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