UN Day

UN Day 2014: Global Citizenship and Youth

Every year, UNA-USA Chapters hold events across the country on October 24th to commemorate the 1945 signing of the United Nations Charter. UN Day provides a unique opportunity for UNA-USA members and chapters to educate their communities on the work of the UN and the way it positively impacts the lives of millions around the globe. This year’s theme for UN Day is Global Citizenship and Youth, and UNA-USA wants to leverage its strong and active grassroots network to promote participation by adults, young professionals and youth at the UN and in the world! To find information and resources for planning your Chapter’s UN Day event, use our 2014 UN Day toolkit.

Find a UNA-USA event near you by using our map below, or visiting our calendar.

Uniting for a Sustainable Future: Chapter Awards for Post-2015 Events and Activities Announced

UNA-USA is pleased to announce the 33 Chapters that were awarded funding to organize a Post-2015 event focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. While funding is no longer available, a Post-2015 activity or consultation is a great activity to engage members and the community for UN Day. To learn how to organize a Post-2015 themed event, check out the materials and resources found here.

Resources for your Chapter’s UN Day Event

Securing a Speaker and Materials for UN Day

UNA-USA works with Chapters to help them find expert speakers to address global topics and issues that face the UN. In addition to this, UNA-USA provides relevant information and materials for UN Day activities. If your Chapter is looking for a speaker and would like to order materials for UN Day, fill out this online form. 

Requesting Insurance for your Event

If you are working with a third party for your UN Day venue, chances are you will need an insurance certificate. UNA-USA National Office can provide this to your Chapter free of charge. To submit an insurance request, please fill out this online form and contact Chanteclaire Lantos-Swett at clantos-swett@unausa.org. Note: Insurance requests must be submitted ten days prior to the deadline for the certificate. 

Submit an Op-Ed to Your Local Newspaper on Ebola
This coming Friday, UN Day, may not always make it onto every calendar. Yet as 2014 witnesses one of the most massive coordinated outbreak responses in our lifetime, there has never been a more appropriate year to honor the working relationship between the U.S. and the UN. The UN, working in partnership with governments and NGOs, is the only institution with the international scale, legitimacy, and capacity to lead on a global solution for the Ebola crisis.

Submit an op-ed to your local newspaper using this template, and make sure everyone in your community knows just how important it is that the U.S. remain a strong and active partner to the UN. For assistance submitting your op-ed, email Amy Auguston, UNA's Communications & UN Relations Officer.

Helpful Toolkits for UN Day

United Nations Materials and Resources

UN Day 2013: Partnerships for Global Progress

View photos from the 2013 UN Day Events.

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