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The membership toolkit aims to improve the experience of every UNA supporter, empowering them to advocate for a strong United Nations in their local communities. Use these resources, combined with the chapter leader toolkit, to spread the word on the importance of a strong United Nations.

The dedicated UNA-USA membership team works continuously to better serve our members, so please contact us with suggestions for the Toolkit for Members by emailing


Factsheets and Hill Materials

2013 Briefing Book
Global Goals Toolkit
Promoting Human Rights (Fact Sheet)
Agenda 21  (Fact Sheet)
Arms Trade Treaty  (Fact Sheet)


UN Day Proclamation 2015
UN Day Op-Ed 2015

Board Development

Introduction – Read this First
Board Recruitment – Chapter Board Profile
Board Recruitment – Chapter Board Agreement
Board Deliverables – Succession Planning Process
Board Deliverables – Donor Brainstorm Worksheet
Board Accountability – Orientation 3 Gives and Gets
Board Accountability – Annual Goals Action Plan
Board Accountability – Annual Goals Status Report
Board Accountability – Chapter Board Self-Evaluation


2013 Global Leadership Dinner Information
Before You Ask
Direct Mail
The Donor Bill of Rights
Special Events
UNA Chapter Fundraising Toolkit

Membership – General

Fact Sheets

Chapter Events
Membership Building Strategies

Institutional Documents

UNA-USA Regional Map
National Council SOPs
National Council Contact Sheet  
Chapter Affiliation Agreement
Chapter Directory
Chapter Succession Planning
Example Board Job Descriptions
Insurance Toolkit
Linkage Between Chapters and the COO


Chapter Award Template
UNA-USA Chapter Bylaws

UNA Women

Fact Sheet
UNA Women Committee
UNA Women Lead Description
UNA Women CEDAW Toolkit

Membership – GenUN

Campus Advocates and Chapters
Engaging Young Professionals

Model UN

Placards Template
Simulation Checklist
Simulation Instructions

Public Awareness and Communications

Advocacy Resources

Fact Sheets



Letter to the Editor – Agenda 21
Letter to the Editor – Arms Trade Treaty
Letter to the Editor – International Telecommunications Union
Letter to the Editor – UNESCO
Letter to the Editor – the United Nations
Media Advisory
Press Release

Training Documents

Email 101
How to Write a Letter to the Editor
How to Write Opinion Articles
Media Training Tips
Scheduling an Editorial Board Meeting
Social Media 101
What is Newsworthy?

UNA-USA Logos and Guidelines

UNA Logo  (low resolution)
UNA Logo  ( high resolution)

UNA Logo (seals, high resolution)

UNA Logo  (seals, high resolution)

UN Facts

UN System and Agencies