UNA-USA Talking Points – FY’14 Senate Budget Resolution

March 21, 2013


Over the next two days, the Senate will be debating the guidelines for next year’s federal budget.  Already, threats to United Nations and other international funding have begun to emerge.

What do budget cuts mean for our obligations to the UN? The recently passed House budget introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan would slash international affairs spending by $5 billion below last year’s levels. And while the Senate’s budget proposal may be more favorable, some Senators will propose steep and harmful cuts to the International Affairs Budget, including funding to the United Nations. 

The U.S. cannot afford to fall behind on our dues to the UN and diminish our influence on the world's stage.

International Affairs and UN programs have already been cut 20% since FY 2010. These cuts are real with harmful consequences and they leave us vulnerable given the national security and economic challenges our country faces. 

In addition, all over the world, humanitarian efforts funded by the UN have saved millions of lives, cured diseases, provided life-saving treatment to those living with HIV, promoted democracy, and built the foundation for local economies – all while reinforcing the values of compassion of the United States.  They help address the root causes of poverty and help people improve their own lives, and the lives of their families, communities, and countries for the long-term.

Senators need to know we oppose more cuts and that we support the UN’s work because it keeps our nation safe, promotes economic growth, and save lives.  This is why polling shows that more than two-thirds of Americans favor paying our dues to the United Nations on time and in full.  Congress needs to hear your voice, so please contact your Senator today

Talking Points

  • As your constituent, I strongly urge you to support International Affairs funding and the United Nations during the current debate on the Senate budget. 
  • And I ask you to oppose all amendments that would cut funding to the UN and to our critical diplomatic and development programs. The U.S. cannot afford to fall behind on our dues to the UN and diminish our influence on the world's stage.
  • For only a small amount of money, the UN works to keep our nation safe, promote economic growth, and save lives.
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