The Power of Educating a Girl

May 21, 2013|by Vivian Onano, UNA Women Member
The other day I was watching a documentary from Half the Sky Movement about the girls from Kibera School for Girls and I could not stop radiating beams of joy. Seeing young girls so confident with themselves as they received an education sent me back down memory lane. Growing up in Kisumu, Kenya, life was difficult, but that did not hinder me from pursuing my goal of achieving an education.

My two brothers and I were raised by a single mum who did not have a stable source of income at the time. We depended primarily on my mother's parents -- my grandparents -- for support. Yet, despite the huddles, my mother made sure that I went to school. In my rural community, very few girls had the opportunity to see the gate of a school, in some cases because they were married off at a very early age and became mothers without the skills and education necessary to support their families.

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