Enough Is Enough: CSW 57 Takes on Violence against Women

March 11, 2013|Kimberly Weichel
As always, my week at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) annual meeting, held each year in March at the United Nations, was breathtaking both in the breadth and depth of issues explored and in the commitment, passion, and talent of 6,000 community leaders meeting together from all over the world. CSW is the lead champion of the global campaign for women’s equality and empowerment, and it includes both government gender ministers reporting progress on women’s advancement in their own countries and NGO leaders sharing their challenges and lessons learned. It was an honor to be there with such remarkable women.

The theme of the 57th CSW, continuing this week, is Violence against Women and Girls (VAW), a complex, multi-faceted, and pervasive epidemic. This was the largest gathering ever focused on violence against women, and shows the importance of understanding the complexities, devastating impact, and critical need for more services, training, education, and reform.

Violence against Women involves a complex series of interrelated issues. Violence occurs because of power differences between men and women, a culture of patriarchy, subordination of women, a culture of impunity, a tactic of war, poverty, alcoholism, drugs, exposure to violence, and many other factors. It is a crime whatever the reason, and cannot be excused due to culture or religion.

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