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Council of Organizations

For over six decades NGO members have counted on the Council of Organizations to serve as their critical link to the United Nations. Most importantly, the Council provides members with ability to coordinate their advocacy and education efforts related to US - UN relations to maximize impact.

The Council provides members with a network of strategic partnerships at both the National and local levels. Council members are provided with guidance on US - UN relations, original content to distribute to their members and access to a vast network of 120 UNA-USA chapters and divisions and over 90 NGOs to coordinate local events and advocacy strategies.

Additional Council of Organizations programs and opportunities include:

  • Briefings
    Opportunities to hear a wide array of viewpoints from nongovernmental experts, UN representatives and US government officials through monthly briefings and other Council events.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Networking opportunities with more than 90 Council members, and opportunities to share advocacy goals and information.
  • Local Connections
    UNA-USA's network of 120 chapters and divisions nationwide – opportunities to work at the local level with like-minded organizations on a variety of projects and events; opportunities for your local affiliates to be part of a local or regional Council of Organizations network, organized by UNA-USA chapters.
  • Access
    Gain access to Council members, through Council events and a monthly list-serv, to share information on policy, upcoming events, and current projects, thereby facilitating joint action by like-minded NGO representatives. This includes a subscription to the UN-NGO Update e-newsletter, providing members with advocacy materials, resources, news items, and announcements concerning US-UN policy.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    Leadership opportunities on the national Executive Committee.
  • Exposure
    Highlighting of your organization's mission and activities through Council listserves, flyers and UNA-USA publications.
  • E-Action
    Network Member alerts through UNA-USA's action network and other channels about legislative and Congressional action affecting the UN.
  • Updates on US public opinion on the United Nations
  • A Subscription to UNA-USA's online magazine
    The InterDependent, with behind-the-scenes news and views on the world body and US-UN relations.
  • Access to UNA-USA
    Opportunities to partner with UNA-USA programs such as Global Classrooms, AMICC, Policy and Advocacy, and others. Opportunities to also attend UNA-USA events, such as Members Day at the UN, which take place throughout the year.
Membership in the Council of Organization is open to 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 501(c)(6) incorporated organizations operating in the United States, that have a nationwide scope and impact, and that have mission or programs consistent with the work of the United Nations.

For more information, contact coo@unausa.org.
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