Chuck Roberts
Chuck_Roberts_2751. Why is the United Nations important to the world?

Even in an increasingly interconnected world, there is still only one place where all of its nations and people can be represented. That interconnectedness demands, more than ever, coordination and cooperation across governments. From international peace and security to poverty eradication, the United Nations has a more important place in today's world than ever before.

2. How do the UN and its work affect your work or life?

The degree of coordination and spirit of cooperation that is necessary for the United Nations to work provide for an invaluable educational experience in their simulation. My involvement in UNA-USA's Model United Nations programs since the beginning of high school has contributed not only to my understanding of the UN but international relations more broadly. Its values and processes have informed large parts of my education and inspired me to pursue a career in public service.

3. Why should Americans care about the UN’s work?

The problems of the 21st century cannot be solved by individual governments alone. Sovereign states must remain the prime actors in governance of populations, but the collective power of every state in one room or system is not only more potent but also necessary for some of the problems facing the world today. Disease, the climate, hunger, and other challenges know no international borders and must be tackled in conjunction with other nations of the world.

4. In your opinion, what has been the UN’s best moment to date?

The resolution of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 showed how the United Nations system could be brought to bear on even the most grave international security crises, successfully defusing tensions and saving lives.

5. What do you think is the most exciting opportunity for the UN going forward?

While the UN's work on international peace and security is its most publicized, the upcoming re-evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals will provide an exciting opportunity to assess progress to date and to build on that progress for these vital policy objectives for the developing world.

6. What is the most effective element of UNA-USA’s work?

UNA-USA's Global Classrooms Model United Nations program educates students about the United Nations and the world beyond their own country's borders. It inspires students to engagement as citizens at the very least, and oftentimes service as well. It gives students the tools they will need to succeed in their communities, businesses, governments, and elsewhere. These programs are an investment in the future of the United Nations and of the international community more broadly as people my age who have graduated begin to take those lessons and values into the professional world.
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