Position Paper Information

Why do we submit position papers?

Position papers are an excellent way for advisors, students, and conference staff to verify that the students are prepared and understand the topics of debate from their country's perspective. Speeches and resolution ideas can be drawn from position papers during the conference.

Click here to learn more about drafting position papers.

Who writes position papers?

Each delegation should write one position paper on each topic in their committee.

Where do submitted position papers go?

All position papers will be sent to the presiding staff of the appropriate committee. It is beneficial for the staff to read all position papers prior to the conference in order to direct the committee more effectively. In addition, all position papers submitted by this deadline will be considered for a Position Paper Award in each committee.

How do I submit a position paper?

Our volunteer committee staff members receive dozens position papers, so it is very important that directions are followed exactly during the submission process. Each delegation must submit their position paper(s) separately to the appropriate committee e-mail address.
  1. Cut and paste each position paper into the body of an e-mail.
  2. Confirm that the heading, located at the top of each position paper, is accurate.
    1. It must include:
    2. Name of School
    3. Name of Committee
    4. Name of Country
  3. Type the Committee Name and Country Name in the subject line of the e-mail. Please be sure to identify the specific committee.
  4. Do NOT include questions or comments regarding conference logistics in the e-mail. Substantive questions about the topic may be asked, and will be responded to by conference staff in the spring.
  5. Do NOT include attachments to the e-mail.
  6. Do NOT include more than one position paper per e-mail.
  7. Send the e-mail containing position paper to the appropriate committee e-mail address which will be posted soon. Please check back for updates.
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