Global Classrooms: Berlin Model UN Conference

March 6-8, 2014 | Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Germany The ninth annual Global Classrooms: BERMUN2 Conference will take place from March 6 – 8, 2014. The Global Classrooms: BERMUN2 conference is primarily a regional Model United Nations conference providing students with the opportunity to simulate the work of the United Nations. Through this simulation, students gain insight into international politics and the work of the United Nations, polish their rhetorical and communicative skills, and work together with other students to find practical solutions to global problems. By preparing the topics and conversing in English, language and research competencies are practiced and refined.

Topics discussed at BERMUN2 2014

BERMUNTheme: The UN’s Road Ahead: Realizing Global Human Rights, Peace, and Sustainable Development

  • ECOSOC: Partnerships to Address the World Drug Problem
  • UN Women: Empowerment of Rural Women
  • UN Children's Fund: Childhood Immunization
  • UN Environmental Program: Sustainable Development of Megacities
  • Security Council: Separatist State Movement
  • Historical Security Council (1948): The Situation in India and Pakistan
We are convinced that these topics will serve as the basis for challenging research, exciting lobbying and stimulating debate for all participants at the BERMUN2 conference.

Download the BERMUN2 Invitation Letter

Find Background Guides and further information about the conference on our website at www.bermun2.de.

About Global Classrooms: Berlin

The John F. Kennedy School implements Global Classrooms in 25 local schools in Berlin. In partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, each annual conference is developed around a particular theme. The Adenauer Foundation is committed to advancing peace, freedom, and justice by providing international education to underserved students and their program experts help facilitate conference committee sessions. Each year, the John F. Kennedy School participates in the annual GCIMUN conference in New York City.

Pre-Conference Preparation

UNA-USA provides valuable information to assist students in preparing for the conference. Visit our Model UN Preparation Guide for more information.

Photos from the 2013 Global Classrooms: Berlin Model UN Conference

Quick Facts about the Global Classrooms Program

  • Established in 2000;
  • Berlin Model United Nations has worked with UNA-USA to implement the program locally;
  • Serving 25 Schools in Berlin

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