Senior Secretariat Information

UNA-USA’s Education Department is looking for dedicated and hard-working individuals to lead the Secretariat team. If you are interested and ready to take on this challenge, then read on to learn more this exciting opportunity.


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Benefits of Senior Secretariat

The benefits and opportunities of being a part of the Senior Secretariat are endless.


  • Learn valuable leadership and communication skills;
  • Live in New York City during the week of the conference;
  • Lead one of the most diverse conferences in the United States;
  • Hands on experience in staff management, development, and logistics;
  • Enjoy being a part of one of the best high school Model UN conferences in the world.

Senior Secretariat Staff Positions

As a member of the Secretariat, you will serve in one of the capacities listed below. A detailed description of positions available can be found here.


  • Secretary-General
  • Chief of Staff
  • Under Secretary-General of Conference Services
  • Under Secretary-General of Logistics
  • Under Secretary-General of various UN bodies


In order to be considered for Senior Secretariat, you must have the following qualifications.


  • At least two years of Model UN conference organizing experience and/or four years delegate experience;
  • Previously staffed either the UNA-USA MUN or UNA-USA Middle School MUN Conferences;
  • Currently pursuing a degree at a college/university or a recent graduate;
  • Daily access to internet and phone;
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills. Senior Secretariat members will be responsible for writing conference background guides;
  • Strong sense of initiative and teamwork to produce high quality results;
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to devote time to responsibilities listed;
  • Desire to work with and lead a diverse group of people;
  • Comfortable working and solving problems under pressure;
  • Strong desire to lead a successful, large-scale, and professional Model UN conference.

Application Process

The application process is highly competitive. In order to facilitate the process, please follow the directions as state below. Do not contact UNA-USA regarding receipt of your application.


  • Read all of the information posted online.
  • Fill out the application form in its entirety.
  • Confirm availability for the week of the conference. Senior Secretariat members are required to arrive in New York on Monday, May 9th and must stay through Sunday, May 15th. Please confirm your schedule for the spring before applying to Senior Secretariat. UNA-USA is willing to write excuse letters to professors on an applicant’s behalf.


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