Model UN Preperation

The first step in preparing for a rewarding Model UN experience is to gather information. Give yourself plenty of time before a conference to research, read and then formulate your arguments. Since most delegates use the Internet for about majority of their research, UNA-USA has compiled a list of web resources to help you get started. However, you should not overlook the resources available in books and periodicals at your local library.

While conducting research, try to keep in mind that your primary goal is to represent your country as realistically as possible. To do so, you will need to research three different areas. Follow these links for tips on researching each of the three components:

• Your country and its positions;
• The issues to be debated at the conference; and
• The UN system.

Additional Resources: UN Cyberschoolbus

The United Nations runs a website designed especially to help students and teachers learn about the United Nations and prepare for Model UN conferences called the UN Cyberschoolbus. Besides information about Model UN, the Cyberschoolbus includes curricula for teachers to use to educate their students on various aspects of international affairs and the programs of the UN, a forum for Model UNers and much more. To help you navigate the website, UNA-USA has written a guide pointing out some of the most useful resources available at the Cyberschoolbus and giving you direct links to each.

Additional Resources: UNA-USA Classroom Activities

Activity 1 - Model UN Internet Scavenger Hunt
Activity 2 - Getting to Know Your Country
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