Country Assignments

Model UN Preparation

After your delegation registers for a Model UN conference, the organizers will distribute assignments.

Interpreting Assigned Countries

You will receive a grid (or "matrix") informing you of your country assignments and the committees in which each country sits at the Model UN Conference. Below is a sample country assignment grid:

Country GA GA 1 GA 6 ECOSOC HRC Total Delegates
Denmark xx xx 4
Gabon xx xx xx 6
Philippines xx xx xx 6

Each (X) represents one student; the conference recommends two students per committee, though you may choose to assign only one student to a committee if necessary.

If you will be unable to assign a student to any committee, please inform your project partner as soon as possible.

Tips for Assigning Countries/Committees to your Students

Newer delegates may feel more comfortable in larger committees, as they cannot be singled out. Experienced delegates will most likely enjoy smaller committees where they will speak more often.

Know your students' resources and strengths when pairing them as partners. Try to ensure that at least one delegate has computer access. Also, Model UN is a great way for English language learners to become acclimated to the language; but pairing two English language learners may cause frustration for both delegates. Try pairing a student who has stronger verbal skills with a less verbal student. This is an equally good tip for monolingual students.

Know your students' individual traits. Has this student ever backed out of a prior commitment? If so, a small committee may not be the perfect place to assign him/her. What students do in class is a good indication of what they will do in committee. If s/he can work independently, a smaller committee can be the perfect place. But you might also pair him/her with a student who may back out. An experienced delegate could then work alone better in a larger committee.

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