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SimulationModel UN mini-simulations, or "mini-MUN"s are an excellent way to engage all students in Model UN.  Designed for classroom use, mini-simulations distill  the best of Model UN into an activity that requires little preparation to implement. At the teachers discretion, the activity can run 60 minutes or be stretched out to accommodate two class periods or more.

Teachers are provided an introductory document that facilitates step by step instructions on how to run the simulation. To accelerate the dialog, placards provide students country perspectives and talking points. The background guide can be handed out prior to the activity or read and discussed in a group setting. 

To assess 2014-2015 mini-simulations: Globalization, Zombie Pandemic, Eradication of Extreme Poverty, Climate Change, please download the Model UN App.


To learn more about Model UN mini-simulations, please forward inquiry to