Human Rights
The revised 2010 Global Classrooms Human Rights unit is designed to be used in its entirety, or particular activities can be selected either for their topic emphasis or their skill emphasis. Each of the five units is divided into three or four lessons. It is at the discretion of the teacher to decide how long to spend on each lesson given the needs and strengths of the class. Some lessons can be completed in a single class period, while others may require multiple class periods.

It is also at the discretion of the teacher to make adaptations necessary for accommodating the learners in their classroom. For example, some human right topics may be considered inappropriate for younger middle school students. In addition, students learn at different paces and have access to different resources. We encourage teachers to make adaptations to ensure that all students can access the web based resources they need to complete their assignments. This may require additional computer lab time or other alterations to the lesson plans.
The unit gives an introduction to Model UN, discusses the foundations of human rights and provides in-depth examinations of human rights issues. Through case studies and comprehensive background guides on human rights questions currently before the UN, the unit allows teachers to organize a simulation of the Commission on Human Rights in the classroom.

The Global Classrooms Human Rights Unit honors the legacy of human rights advocate Leo Nevas and was made possible through the generous support of the Newman’s Own Foundation.

Curriculum Lesson Plans

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