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The Global Classrooms® Curriculum

Since 2000, Global Classrooms has offered a variety of curricular units dealing with issues in: Peacekeeping, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, and The
Economics of Globalization. Each unit deals with specific issues that have been at the fore-front of important debates in global affairs.

Given the ever changing and continually evolving dynamics of the international landscape, Global Classrooms is preparing to revise and update its curriculum unitsto reflect important progress and developments in the areas of Sustainable Development, Peacekeeping and The Economics of Globalization. More information on the Human Rights unit can be found here.

Curriculum Lesson Plans

At the heart of each curriculum unit are step-by-step lesson plans that begin with an introduction to the United Nations and culminate with a simulation of the Security Council, Commission on Sustainable Development or Commission on Human Rights.

All lessons are aligned with standards in:

  • Social studies (from the National Council for Social Studies);
  • English language arts (from the International Reading Association/National Council for Teachers of English);
  • Geography (from the National Geography Content Standards); and
  • Civics and government (from the US Department of Education).
  • Lesson plans incorporate instructional strategies based on "best practice" methodologies in teaching social studies and literacy.
In conjunction with the lessons, the Resources section provides extra support materials, primary templates, a glossary of terms and acronyms, and additional Model UN links.
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