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econ-pwcToday‚Äôs youth need quality education to become global and financially literate citizens. In collaboration with PwC US, UNA-USA launched an innovative curriculum in Economics of Globalization. Through this curriculum, students and teachers engage in activities that address financial management and economics and gain skills and knowledge to make responsible decisions, be productive citizens, and contribute to a healthier global economy. 

The Curriculum Features: 

  • Education in financial literacy and economics of globalization, which is needed to develop the next generation of college- and career-ready students who think globally and act locally.
  • Each of the four sections of the curriculum culminates in a Model UN mini-simulation, an innovative, experiential learning activity where students are challenged to represent the views of other countries, recall knowledge, defend positions, and truly understand the tenets of financial literacy from a global perspective.

View the Economics of Globalization here.