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akaAlpha Kappa Alpha partners with UNA-USA through our ASCEND program to implement Model UN mini-simulations throughout the United States with specific focus on bringing this experiential learning activity into communities disconnected from international concerns and dialogues. The goal is to implement the program in all 10 geographic regions of AKA and engage at least 10,000 high school students. Additionally, we observe other activities designed to increase awareness, like Model UN conferences and student sponsorships.

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For questions regarding this partnership, please contact your regional AKA representative. You can also learn more from the videos below:

AKA and UN Day



1. Human Rights of Refugees

Unit 1

Unit 2

2. Gender and Science Mini-Simulation

3. Combatting Racism Mini-Simulation

4. Sustainable Development Mini-Simulation

5. Situation in Syria Mini-Simulation

 6. Eradication of Poverty Mini-Simulation

 7. Malaria, TB and Infectious Diseases Mini-Simulation

8. Zombie Pandemic


  • To meet and collaborate with your local chapter of UNA-USA, please visit the directory by clicking here.
  • We invite all members of AKA and students to remain informed with UNA-USA, join the network, download the APP and get involved.