European Parliament Simulation 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013
Location: University of Piraeus, Athens, Greece

Date(s): 26-29th April, 2013
Size: 100-300
Registration Deadline: 28th February, 2013
Conference (or School) Fees: 45 euros
Delegate (or Individual) Fees: 45 euros

About the Conference

European Parliament Simulation - EURO.PA.S., a project run by the Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs, a civic, non-profit organization, is organized for it's 4th consecutive and successful year with great participation and acceptance from the students society. EURO.PA.S. is the only European Bodies Simulation in Greece in such an academic and scientific level and with global resonance. Indicatively referring, last year’s simulation attracted almost 300 participants from all Greek and many European Universities and is fully supported by European Parliament’s Office in Greece, European Commission’s Delegation in Greece and the University of Piraeus for the 4 years of it’s organization. EURO.PA.S. 2013 takes place from 26th to 29th of April, at the University of Piraeus facilities and the French Institute in Athens and has already attracted the interest of the model - addicted academic society.

EURO.PA.S. Simulation takes place at the University of Piraeus in students level mainly, undergraduate and post-graduate, who play the role of a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing a political party and a member state of the European Union on absolute ratio to the official distribution of the positions at the European Parliament. It is essential to refer to the Election procedure, whereas, three candidates from the Political Groups simulated run for their group’s presidency, attempting to lure the precious votes of their political party participants. Moreover, the participants of the conference can take the positions of a Crisis Group Member affecting the negotiation procedures by altering the course of events in a way that promotes the fierce debate, Journalist who, through press conferences and interviews, cover and analyze debates in a daily newspaper and video footage, Translator or Interpreter offering professional interpreting services in the national languages of the EU using the special equipment provided by the European Parliament and Staff Member valuable for the smooth conduct of the procedures of the Simulation.

The European Parliament Simulation is distinguished by its educational value, academic excellence and professionalism that render it one of the most successful and prestigious simulations in Greece. Moreover, by creating a truly European atmosphere EURO.PA.S. confirms each year its reputation as a contributor to the goal of European integration and to the emergence of a European identity.


MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) debate on an issue concerning one of the six simulated European Parliament Committees which are Foreign Affairs (AFET), Security and Defense (SEDE), Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), Human Rights (DROI), Industry Research and Energy (ITRE) and International Trade (INTA). Each committee’s goal is to reach a unanimous decision over the agenda set by the Presidency in the official format of a legal document through a hard debating process and constant negotiations. This year at EURO.PA.S. 2013 will be simulated the European Council, the most powerful intergovernmental body of the European Union’s structure, while Heads of States or Governments’ participate at the decision making process. EURO.PA.S. is simulated in two of the 23 European Union’s official languages, English mainly and French for the Human Rights (DROI) Committee, while translation and interpretation is provided for all the documentation regarding this specific committee. It goes without saying that EURO.PA.S. amounts to a unique learning process that focuses on the workings and dynamics of EU institutions when producing EU law. EURO.PA.S. is therefore an educational project that succeeds in giving participants the opportunity to develop their skills in EU law, debating and negotiations at an EU level and to understand the complexities of the EU in practice.

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