The UN and You: Guiding Effective Engagement

Council of Organizations

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Join us for a Council of Organizations Special Event Tuesday May 6th. This event is open to all staff and leaders of Washington-based nonprofits who are interested in learning more about the United Nations and UN resources and connecting with other globally minded nonprofits. This session may also be helpful to U.S. policymakers and legislative staff working on international initiatives.

United Nations Foundation Office, Washington D.C.
1750 Pennsylvania Ave NW #300, Washington, DC 20006

The UN and You: Guiding Effective Engagement is a 2-day “intensive” for individuals who are interested in learning about the United Nations or in expanding their current UN knowledge base. Many international and national organizations are working directly on UN projects or have interests related to segments of the UN agenda. Organizations that wish to stay relevant in the rapidly changing international landscape should consider this seminar as an opportunity to ensure that staff members and organization leaders are well grounded in the UN system, including UN organizational structure, UN initiatives, UN funding, and global issues.

Why Should I Attend?

The UN and You provides an overview of the United Nations, including the UN system, special agencies, funding, treaties, and major initiatives, and serves as a tool for education about the United Nations. It is also an opportunity to network with other organizations and individuals with shared global interests, which will allow attendees to more effectively engage with the

UN and UN initiatives. As a networking opportunity, the program may also serve as a creative platform for collaboration and impact.

Who Should Attend?

The UN and You may be particularly helpful to:

  • U.S. policymakers and legislative staff working on international initiatives
  • Staff members, leaders or volunteers of international nongovernmental organizations
  • initiatives and events
  • U.S. institutions, university programs, and national organizations whose work intersects with international areas of focus
Cost to Attend

The fee is waived for participants whose organization is a member of the UNA USA Council of Organizations (COO).

For individuals who are not employed by a Council of Organization member the registration fee is $50. (You may pay on site at the event, however, please complete the registration form to reserve your place.


Lunch and refreshments and program materials are provided for both days.

Encourage your organization to join the Council of Organizations for $50 annual membership fee and attend the event free of charge.

To find out if your organization is a current member of the Council of Organizations please contact Laura Giroux, contact information below.

For more information about the  UN and You program or about the Council of Organizations,  Laura Giroux at lgiroux@unausa.org

Phone: 202-887-9040 | Fax: 202-887-9021

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