Monday, March 3, 2014
Location: Mirada Del Mar Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Date(s): March 3-7, 2014
Size: 500+
Registration Deadline: Early Application Deadline: 31st of December, 2013; Late Application Deadline: 22nd of February, 2014
Conference (or School) Fees: 425 TRY / 170 EUR / 225 USD per each participant (Early Application)
Delegate (or Individual) Fees: 475 TRY / 190 EUR / 250 USD per each participant (Late Application)

About the Conference

MUNTR is one of the biggest Model UN conferences all over Europe and through the neighboring regions. Every year it is being held in a 5-star hotel in Antalya, Turkey. It hosts more than 600 participants, most of them coming from Europe and North America.
This year, MUNTR will celebrate its 10th year.


*General Assembly 1 – Disarmament and International Security Committee
*General Assembly 3 – Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
*General Assembly 4 – Special Political and Decolonization Committee
*United Nations Security Council
*United Nations Environment Programme
*International Labour Organization
*Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Charter
*International Criminal Court
*World Bank
*Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
*1919 Germany – Cabinet Scheidemann
*Future North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

Contact Information

Huseyin Kagan Imamoglu / Secretary-General of MUNTR 2014

Ankara, Turkey
+90 537 439 11 23

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