Midwest Model United Nations

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Location: Union Station, St. Louis, Missouri

Date(s): February 19-22, 2014
Size: 500+
Registration Deadline: February 18, 2014
Conference (or School) Fees: $120.00 - 1st country delegation, $80.00 – 2nd country delegation $20.00 – 3rd country delegation Free – 4th (or more!) country delegation
Delegate (or Individual) Fees: $25 per delegate

About the Conference

MMUN is an all-collegiate organization dedicated to the concept of a “Venture in Practical Education.” It is designed to furnish a structure and forum for students to work with the most pressing international issues from a perspective outside of the classroom, and thus broaden their awareness of the world of politics. Representing the role of another nation’s delegation to the United Nations, students further realize the difficulties and complexities of international relations. Our Conference has three goals: to promote interest and understanding of the nations of the world; to help students gain a broader perspective of global issues and the role of the United Nations in world politics; and to encourage investigation into the field of international studies.

The Midwest Model United Nations has been in existence since 1960. It is governed by MMUN, Inc. an educational, non-profit corporation operating under the laws of the state of Missouri. MMUN, Inc. has an official relationship with the United Nations as a non-governmental organization.


First, Second, Third, Fourth
ECOSOC, Commission on the Status of Women, World Food Programme
2 Security Councils
The final two days of simulation consist of our unique plenary style session where all the delegate from the GA committees and all the delegates from ECOSOC and ECOSOC Sub-committees come together to re-negotiate or work on new topics!

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