A Conversation on Russia

Connecticut Chapter

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Russia is in the news. Be it the Olympic games in Sochi, the crisis in the Ukraine, the deterioration of ties with Europe and the US or  the planned G8 meeting in the late spring. A February issue of the Economist featured Vladimir Putin’s all encompassing presence and political triumphs and the struggles within the country with its economic stagnation. How will Russia manage its relations with neighboring Ukraine; what are the prospects for the Russian economy and further East-West trade; to what extent is President Putin building on the reforms begun by Gorbachev and expanded by Yeltsin, and as incorporated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 1993?

A knowledgeable and widely traveled panel will explore the complex issues that have given rise to the present contentious historical moment. Speakers include Sergei Kambalov, a Russian diplomat who served at the UN for 21 years; Robert Ober, a member of the US diplomatic corps for 26 years, serving three postings in Moscow and Peter Vosburgh, a retired international businessman engaged with numerous Russian entities. Moderating the discussion will be John Rorke, a historian and Executive Director of the Global Development Studies Institute. Joseph Baxer from the United Nations Association of Connecticut will introduce the program.

Saturday, April 26th, 2-3:30pm; Kent Memorial Library Kent, CT

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