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Don't Forfeit American Leadership at the UN

As the U.S. is the UN's largest contributor, Congressional funding shortfalls will significantly impact the UN's ability to carry out its operations. At a time when the United States and United Nations are working together to address some of the world's most pressing challenges—from the humanitarian needs of survivors of devastating earthquakes in Japan and Haiti, to political crises and violence in Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Afghanistan—it is more important than ever that America maintain its longstanding commitment to global leadership and engagement by continuing to fully fund the UN.

Key Arguments

  • Assessed contributions are vital as they are the primary source of reliable funding for core UN activities such as peacekeeping
  • In order to continue to effectively use our influence at the UN and press for greater accountability, we must remain a strong leader at the table
  • Cutting UN funding undermines U.S. national security by jeopardizing UN programs that serve critical U.S. interests and severely erodes U.S. legitimacy and respect abroad
  • Failing to meet our obligations will diminish our ability to leverage the UN in support of vital U.S. interests