Advocacy: Women's Rights

Protect women’s health and rights worldwide

Allowing women and families to choose whether, when, and how many children to have achieves progress on all of the world’s global development goals. An investment in reproductive health and rights, including family planning, helps break the cycle of poverty and puts families, communities, and countries on a stronger, more prosperous, and sustainable path.

The United States has historically been a leader in the provision of global family planning. In fact, in 2016 alone, critical and cost-effective U.S. contributions delivered the following results:

  • 27 million women and couples received contraceptive services;
  • 6 million fewer unintended pregnancies;
  • 2.3 million fewer induced abortions (2 million of them unsafe);
  • 11,000 fewer maternal deaths.

Unfortunately, the White House and Congress have taken and are considering actions that severely jeopardize vital U.S. U.S. support of women’s health programs. To learn more about these actions, which include the Global Gag Rule and cuts to UNFPA (the UN Population Fund), as well as immediate steps you can take to support international women’s health, download this advocacy toolkit.

Toolkit includes:

• Issue and policy
   background, resources

• Talking points

• Sample tweets and
   Facebook posts

• Sample letter to send to
   your Members of Congress

• Op-ed template

Eliminating U.S. funds for international family planning and women’s health programs will cut off millions of girls, women, and their families from critical care.

UNA encourages members to act now to protect women’s health and rights worldwide.

Listen to a national conference call discussing recent efforts to curtail U.S. support for international family planning and reproductive health:


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