Council of Chapters and Regions Steering Committee

CCR_Map_of_Regions_2011The Council of Chapters and Regions (CCR) consists of delegates from the 120 Chapters and Divisions in eleven regions around the country and is the democratic voice of the UNA membership in making decisions for UNA-USA.

All chapter and division presidents belong to the CCR, whose purpose is to facilitate communication among chapters and divisions, to assist with their activities, and to provide a forum for chapter and division leaders to meet. It regularly meets during the UNA-USA Annual Meeting in June, and delegates are elected prior to registration for the Annual Meeting and cast votes for institutional change, in addition to electing the Steering Committee.

Council of Chapters and Regions Steering Committee

The Council of Chapters and Regions Steering Committee, elected by the CCR, consists of slightly more than 30 people: two, three, or four representatives elected from each region, based on the membership of the region and consistent with standard operating procedures. The Steering Committee meets twice a year: once during the June annual meeting, and once between annual meetings in late fall or winter. Its working groups and subcommittees conduct business year-round by email and conference call in preparation for their semi-annual meetings. In addition to overseeing elections to the body, the Steering Committee works on issues of membership, legislative advocacy, web and social media, external communications, education, WFUNA, and the Council of Organizations. It makes recommendations both to UNA-USA staff and to delegates at the Annual Meeting. Regional Representatives also work with staff to assist Chapters and to help resolve issues that may arise during the year.

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